Thursday, May 28, 2009

RHI Schedule

Wow! RHI is shaping up to be an amazing conference. Here is a quick overview of what's happening this year...

June 16 - Live, hands-on, field demonstrations covering everything from scything, farming, working draft horses and oxen, to food preservation. Listen to presentations on buying organic and local food. Tour High Mowing Seeds (organic seed producers) and Jasper Hill Farm (raw milk cheese producers). Close out the day, and discuss topics of interest, with a lively Farmer Roundtable.

June 17 - This day holds an extensive lineup of experts who will be presenting on topics ranging from changing food choices and food awareness in higher education communities, "Cooking from Historic Texts", policy and economy of agriculture, inspiring communities to eat local food, the roots of agrarianism, social media and the new food and agrarian movement, and readings from an author on american cheeses. The day will end with a Chefs Roundtable followed by live music.

June 18 - Discussions on modern tools for traditional economies, finding a sense of place on the farm, the farm as a wildlife sanctuary, agrarian literature, saving local economies with local food, and redefining American regional cuisine. Participate in workshops dealing with using farms as places for learning about community, and small-scale sustainable agriculture using draft horses. Open talk with the founder of the Center for Agricultural Economy, owner of Vermont Soy, and Vermont Natural Coatings. Finish the evening with a reception for photographer Karl Decker, a viewing of his exhibit "The People of Townsend, Vermont", and energetic discussion of Wendell Berry's Mad Farmer Poems.

BTW for a detailed RHI schedule click here--> RHI-Schedule.pdf

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