Thursday, June 18, 2009

authentic experiences

Among the many helpful suggestions among the end-of-Institute surveys that have been filtering in on this rainy afternoon of the last day of this year's Rural Heritage Institute is one that suggests one missing element is concrete, tangible action. We have shared and discussed much over the past 3 days--so much that it will take some time for many of us to assess, assimilate, and decide how to best move forward.

We have seen examples of activism exploiting new and traditional media - of schools' successes and challenges in on and off campus farm/food collaborations - of building local barter-based economies - of successful business ventures that integrate local economic support with cooperative distribution to broader markets.

All of these examples have contributed to a growing (though occasionally cacophonous) chorus of individuals who *are* doing something. Through these examples of leading-edge, progressive approaches to agriculture, education, cooking, activism, economy, and outreach, we leave here - I hope - inspired to act...together.

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