Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In the Field

Food, Farms, and Community will have a number of chances for participants to visit area farms and get their hands dirty as we make connections from soil to table. On our opening morning, Sterling College faculty, Rick Thomas, Jody Stoddard, and Pavel Cenkl will each lead workshops and demonstrations on using draft horses, dyeing wool, and scything -- if you're joining us, be sure to arrive in time for these workshops from 9-10 on Tuesday morning.

Later that day, participants can visit either (this is a hard choice to make!):

Jasper Hill Farm in neighboring Greensboro, which is described on the Farm's website as:

We are currently making three varieties of raw milk cheese. Aspenhurst, a cloth bound cheddar-style cheese, (actually for all you caseophiles a variation of a traditional English Leicester); Bayley Hazen Blue, a natural rinded blue-veined cheese with a dense chocolaty paste that melts on the tongue; and Constant Bliss, a soft, mold-ripened bit of yumminess.

Our intent is to create far more than just great cheese however—we hope to create a business model that can be replicated by others interested in making a transition to value-added production. By purchasing our cheese, or the products of other local producers you are ensuring the long-term viability of the farms that keep Vermont beautiful.

or High Mowing Seeds, in neighboring Wolcott:

An independent, family-owned business dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture by providing organic growers with the highest quality certified organic seed.

At High Mowing Organic Seeds, we believe in re-imagining what our world can be like. We believe in a deeper understanding of how re-built food systems can support health on all levels – healthy environments, healthy economies, healthy communities and healthy bodies. We believe in a hopeful and inspired view of the future based on better stewardship for our planet. Everyday that we are in business, we are growing; working to provide an essential component in the re-building of our healthy food systems: the seeds.
Later in the week - Ken Albala will help us craft a meal of local ingredients over an outdoor fire, Rick Thomas and Paul Ferrari will showcase their draft animals for a true hands-on-the-lines experience, and so much more!

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